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www.borizs.com founded at the end of 2013. This site is made to provide all the information related to site owners and contributors, with main objective to provide a positive influence on young people to work with their own passion, especially what is shared on this site.

This site will share article about art, digital art, lifestyle, hobbies, or anything related with contributor of this site. if you wanna join as contributor, check this link http://borizs.com/job-vacancy/

By the way, this site is bilingual LOL ! sometimes bahasa indonesia and sometimes english. and sorry for bad english, i’ll search english language consultant maybe ROFL.

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I realized since junior high school , I use more of my right brain , I do a lot of things related to the arts and creative , such as playing music , break dancing , gravity , and many more cool things I did in the past . LOL

when in high school , I ‘ve started to explore photoshop , and at the end of high school I started to like photography .

but till now , my right brain is not really dominant and my skills in art and creative is not growing rapidly , probably because I am still hesitate to choose the path of my life , mainly because I was not a student of the arts and creative, but close enough .

in 2009 , me and my friends ( @muhammadsufi_ , witzk , descendants ) made ​​a creative business ( LOL creative enough to be called ) , the business name is Gokz Clothing ( @GKZ_ID ) , engaged in garment business . This business stopped due to the busyness of each founder in early 2011 . This business may be continued with GKZ name .

in 2013 , me and my friends ( @derryramdianto , @NALURI_YLN , @ReynaSylvanii ) makes a business engaged in the shoe industry , the business name is Loona by Ragazza Hijab ( @loona_id ) , this is a business expansion of Ragazza hijab ( @ragazzahijab ) owned by reyna and naluri.


i love to be creative, and my passion is business.


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